“What’s your blog about?”

If not you’re not famous, don’t blog. Or Tweet.


Who cares?

I’m not famous, and I hate the word “blog”.

I am a writer, a teacher, a husband, a realist, a reader. I love cooking good food, and even eating some good food from time to time. I love jeans and I love kilts. I love roadtrips and quality handmade stuff. I enjoy the poetry of AE Housman, Charles Bukowski, and Wallace Stevens. I drink Irn-Bru and New Glarus Beer. I love film, but I don’t watch much television any more because, well, it sucks. I am an amateur anthropologist. I am a photographer. I am a neo-pagan-quasi-christian-demi-hindu-judaic-sufist with influences of shinto, tao, and zen; I’ve been a minister in the Universal Life Church since 1995, but I am also an atheist, and none of these things are contradictory. I listen to Barenaked Ladies, The Beautiful South, Tom Waits, Garbage, Mozart, and I know songs by Randy Newman that haven’t appeared in Pixar movies. Seven Samurai is the best film ever made, and Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance is the most well-crafted piece of writing written in the English language in the late-twentieth century. I drive a 2008 Toyota Yaris, but if I could I’d still be driving my ’87 Tercel.

I had a blog before they were called blogs, and if you’re really clever you can find remnants of it with the Wayback Machine.

I live in Wisconsin now, but I was born in British Columbia and lived there for the first thirty-eight years of my life.

I am not just Canadian, I am the Canadian.

That’s what my blog’s about.


Speak your Peace

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